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Continuous Power Solutions

As opposed to the typical “stick-building” model, Energy Choice’s packaged units are a power-plant-in-a-box complete solution. These units utilize the most efficient technology available today. Our modules and containers provide a variety of benefits for your business including:


  • Streamlined Planning and Purchase
  • High Reliability and Durability
  • Connection Ready on DeliveryConnection Ready on Delivery
  • Financing Options Available

Modular Power Units

Energy Choice power generation units offer a complete solution to your power generation needs. A steel
container is provided of sufficient size to contain the engine, generator, and all necessary equipment
including the electrical and control equipment. All equipment is factory installed, connected, and tested
to ensure that the unit is fully functional.

The equipment is high quality and utility grade. But Energy Choice provides much more than just the
equipment. It is our priority to ensure that every power generation solution is set up for success. Included
in Energy Choice’s scope of supply is all engineering and equipment needed to install, startup, test, and permit the units. Once operating, Energy Choice will continue to support the project by offering a maintenance contract that includes scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring, and a fast response in the event that unplanned maintenance is required. By providing full project support throughout the life of the equipment, Energy Choice ensures that your facility will always have a reliable and high-quality power generation solution.

Available Units:


Model Gross Power Output Mechanical Efficiency Heat Rate Container Dimensions
EC500 600 kW 42.5% 9,283 Btu/kWh 48′ x 8.5′ x 9.5′
EC1000 1060 kW 44.0% 8,966 Btu/kWh 48′ x 8.5′ x 9.5′
EC1500 1660 kW 43.5% 9,081 Btu/kWh 53′ x 8.5′ x 9.5′
EC2000 2120 kW 44.0% 8,966 Btu/kWh 53′ x 8.5′ x 9.5′

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Kawasaki Green Gas Engines

Energy Choice offers leading technology from Kawasaki Heavy Industries to meet your power generation needs. The Kawasaki Green Gas Engine has the highest electrical efficiency in the industry for its class. It has been designed and engineered to be the best performing and most reliable CHP, baseload, or peak shaving power generation unit in the world.

Our 5MW and 7.5MW Kawasaki units are ideal for any near or long-term power project due to their quick start-up time, industry leading efficiency, and small footprint. These units have rapid delivery and their competitive pricing provides an attractive choice for any project from 5MW up to and above 100MW.


Model Gross Power Output Electric Efficiency Starting Time NOx Emmisions
KG-12-V 5,000 kW 49.5% < 10 min < 200 ppm
KG-18-V 7,500 kW 49.5% < 10 min < 200 ppm

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Kawasaki Turbines

Kawasaki turbine generator sets can be ideal for either continuous power or backup power. They are designed for continuous operation in either a power only or a CHP application. When a facility requires uninterruptible power, it is essential to get the equipment that will give your facility the resiliency it needs. The Kawasaki turbine series are great solutions for facilities that require the most reliable power solutions available. All the Kawasaki turbine models are designed for automatic operation, have a flexible operating range, can have low emissions, and are equipped with the necessary alarm/protection systems.


Available Units:

Model Electric Output Heat Rate Total Thermal Efficiency Max. NOx Emissions
M1A-13A 1450 kW 15130 kJ/kWh 79.2%
M1A-13D 1450 kW 15280 kJ/kWh 79.7% 25 ppm
M1A-17 1645 kW 13720 kJ/kWh 80.5%
M1A-17D 1645 kW 13720 kJ/kWh 80.5% 15 ppm
M1T-13A 2850 kW 15350 kJ/kWh 78.8%
M1T-13D 2850 kW 15510 kJ/kWh 79.3% 25 ppm
M7A-01 5400 kW 12300 kJ/kWh 82.6%
M7A-01D 5350 kW 12340 kJ/kWh 82.5% 35 ppm
M7A-02 6,660 kW 12,000 kJ/kWh 80.0%
M7A-02D 6,600 kW 12,030 kJ/kWh 79.7% 25 ppm
M7A-03 7,660 kW 10,830 kJ/kWh 83.1%
M7A-03D 7,660 kW 10,830 kJ/kWh 83.1% 15 ppm
L20A 17,970 kW 10,690 kJ/kWh 84.0% 15 ppm
L30A 28,450 kW 9,284 kJ/kWh 81.6% 15 ppm

Note: Models with a “D” are Dry Low Emission models

Download Datasheets: